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Supporting Shardeum

We are deeply committed to the growth of Shardeum Ecosystem which supports Proof of Community and keeps the idea at the center of it’s development

DAO Driven

At ShardStarter, We value and prioritize our community.After a Careful due diligence, The projects we launch on our platform are chosen through community voting.

Safe & Quality Projects

Our team of experts will thoroughly vet every project to ensure it meets our strict standards.Safety is our top priority, so we will handle liquidity locks and vesting for all projects.

Fair Distribution

Users earn allocations at ShardStarter based on the amount and duration of their $SHMX token staking, as determined by our Tier System with a Pledge / Approve system. This system ensures that everyone has a fair chance to participate.

Why Shardeum ?

Built on Ethereum Virtual Machine, Shardeum offers scalability, low fees and strong security through dynamic state sharding. It allows any dApp that runs on Ethereum Virtual Machine to work seamlessly on its platform, enabling fast and cheap transactions and interoperability with other major chains. With Shardeum, founders can focus on their projects without worrying about logistics on multiple chains.

Token Distribution

Investment Tiers

Our Roadmap

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